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As it shows in the pictures on here you can see whos in the channels; You cannot see this on my phone, just once you join the channel you can see the people in that channel. ( I have an iPhone 6s just to throw that out there )

Great app, but not compatible with ios and 10.2.1

Great app, but not compatible with ios and 10.2.1. Bluetooth doesnt work properly if TeamSpeak is running. Sound it is routed through the phone speaker rather than the Bluetooth.

3.1.20 Version Review

The 3.1.20 version has been running very smoothly. I have not encountered any errors. Sound quality has been superb. Everything it has to offer has been easily located in the menus.

Sound Quality with Bluetooth still bad

If you Play Music with Bluetooth headsets and start the App the quality suddenly changes to garbage. It gets back to normal the second you close the App!

Pretty good app

I just quash it had a couple tweaks. 1) stop audio disconnecting me when i receive notifications or alarms 2) allow me to create an avatar -- this one seems pretty basic

Great appfor me but

With the latest update my beats wireless heaphones are no longer compatable with the app all that well. Went from being crystal clear to my friends and now scratchy. Hope this gets fixed soon

Fantastic App

I manage my own teamspeak sever and this app is a fantastic tool to have for when Im not on my computer. Honestly worth every penny. I havent had any issues with it yet. iPhone 6s+ / IOS: 10.0.1

Network Error

Impossible to connect to my server. The only server which Im able to connect is the TeamSpeak Public Server. This is so much useless for a paid application.

Does not connect in private ip !!!!

My t.s does not connect in particular addresses after the last update, only in the public address. Please review this because I need a lot of you !!!!!

iPad Pro 12,9" Support

Can you support the iPad Pro 12,9" please?

Great App, but

There is no feature to configure microphone input volume. Im always too quiet to be heard by other players with my original Apple EarPods. Please fix this issue, because its very annoying to scream in my microphone.

Current update STILL bugged

Updated AGAIN and the issue continues. None of my servers will connect. As a paid app youd think this would be fixed promptly. BUT NOT SO MUCH

Impossible to use

Some reason when I open the app it goes completely black and renders the app useless. I have to press the home button to make it come back and go away a second later.

Connection Issues!

Honestly this App has always been working good and smooth until the recent update where it wont connect to my server at all. Sadly I have to use other Apps to communicate when its bothersome since I need to be using Team Speak. Please fix the bugs!

Crashes all Time

Cant Open The App, always crashing


myTeamspeak funzt, alles Top

Newest update ruined everything

Was okay, not worth the money and now its completely useless.

App crashes

App crashes on the start screen, without any popup alert. (iOS 7.1.1) plz fix it

Connection lost

You can have the greatest wifi connection and still get a "connection lost" every 10 minutes or so. Not worth the cost. Do NOT buy this app!!

Wireless headset support broken

Wireless headset support is broken in the new update. Voice comes out too garbled to understand. Multiple headsets and multiple users.

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