TeamSpeak 3 App Reviews

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How can we change individual volume?

For a 4€+ application, we expect and button to change volume for individuals clients...

Network Error

Impossible to connect to my server. The only server which Im able to connect is the TeamSpeak Public Server. This is so much useless for a paid application.

Does not connect in private ip !!!!

My t.s does not connect in particular addresses after the last update, only in the public address. Please review this because I need a lot of you !!!!!


myTeamspeak funzt, alles Top

Crashes all Time

Cant Open The App, always crashing

Great App, but

There is no feature to configure microphone input volume. Im always too quiet to be heard by other players with my original Apple EarPods. Please fix this issue, because its very annoying to scream in my microphone.

iPad Pro 12,9" Support

Can you support the iPad Pro 12,9" please?

Sound Quality with Bluetooth still bad

If you Play Music with Bluetooth headsets and start the App the quality suddenly changes to garbage. It gets back to normal the second you close the App!

It works, but its extremely buggy.

This app has a painful number of bugs, many of which have been reported by multiple users and completely ignored. . I regularly experience huge breakup on perfect internet which works with every other voice chat app, and for some reason my noise reduction (which makes me sound awful by the way) keeps enabling itself even though the option is turned off. The text to speech pack has no option for speech rate, and the latest update has speech set to approximately 3 times slower than normal human speech. Lastly, if ever I get disconnected from a server because of interneq connection issues or a phone call, Teamspeak usually gets stuck trying to reconnect to the server, and it becomes impossible to either connect or disconnect without restarting the app. I normally dont write such bad reviews, but I need this app for a specific purpose and its laughably terrible and unmaintained for something that costs more than $0.99. Also, this is opinion alone, but we really need a tabbed interface like every other iPhone app. By the way, several users have experienced most, if not all of these problems on a variety of devices and configurations.

Team speak 3

Absolute garbage, doesnt work! Entered the TS address password for my clan site and cannot connect "could not resolve host name" message.

I love this app

This is a very good apps gg cest vraiment une bonne app gg!!

Fix the multi-flood bugs !!!

God Damn... we pay for a service, we pay for app... So what you waiting for fix the bugs, Christmas ?!?!?

Cant access servers

I dont know what you did to the app but its ruined now. I can no longer access any servers regardless whether i am on Wifi or LTE. It gives me the failed to resolve hostname error for every single server i try to connect to.


Since the most recent update for ISO I cant join my regular server. Get message cant find server. My in-game friends are having no problems with other platforms on the same server. Very disappointing.

Best app!

All fine! Thx

Please improve it

Please hands-free mode which has push-to-talk mode on headset. Right now Im forced to use my iphone with my hands and unable to talk using only my hands-free.

App crashes

App crashes on the start screen, without any popup alert. (iOS 7.1.1) plz fix it

Lacking Most Important Aspect

I cannot decide how well the app works because whenever i insert a link for my server it resets to "http" Because of this I cannot even begin to use the app If I could go back I would never spend anywhere near what i did for something that does not even begin to work

Need to be update

Some server wont open The error is your teamspeak is too old and need to be upgrade


Ive noticed some of the concerns on the app review and wanted to say that I believe the developers fix the bugs as soon as they see the reviews. I have had one issue but I figured it out on my own. Im not sure if anyone else has had this problem but I couldnt see who was in what room. The way to fix this is by going into your settings and subscribing to all channels then re-log. The app is great to stay connected with your friends! I love it!

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